13 Best Nonprofit Fundraising Platforms + How to Choose

Non-profit organizations look to Classy because of the personal experience they offer. Classy launched out of the idea that a few friends had to raise money for cancer awareness. Since then, they have created an online platform that stands out thanks to its philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. Onecause offers many solutions for charities and non-profits to help facilitate their online fundraising efforts. Their platform offers mobil bidding for auctions, events & ticketing, virtual fundraising and online giving. Go Charity has worked with many charities to help them integrate with OneCause and help them reach their fundraising objectives.
The organization doesn’t take on any additional regulatory risk, since crypto donations are made to Every.org, converted, and then granted in cash – simplifying legal, accounting, and operational burdens. EdCo allows parents, teachers, coaches, and students to set up fundraisers for their favorite school programs. From the theatre program to track club, any activity that needs some extra funds or is at risk of being cut can be helped through a fundraiser on EdCo. Complete a form and connect your bank account with built-in fraud protection in less than 5 minutes and you’re all set! All donations made through FirstGiving are processed through their charity partner Global Impact, a 501c3 nonprofit, and are fully tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Morweb provides the right mix of strategy, design, non-technical software, and customer support to manage and grow not just a website, but an engaging online presence.
For more information about pricing, get a live demo of the fundraising software. While the exact list of features you need will be specific to your organization, there are certain features that you should look for in the best fundraising software. Bonfire is an online t-shirt fundraising site that enables organizations to custom create and sell apparel online for a cause. A Digital Dozens campaign normally lasts around 30 days, which gives plenty of time for your supporters to get hold of some donuts!
online fundraising sites creates money for good causes out of nothing.” Even with the enduring partnership, we didn’t expect Matt to say that in an interview. Water.org, which he co-founded, is an amazing organization that breaks down the financial barriers between people living in poverty and access to safe water. Thanks to you and over 10+ campaigns with Water.org, we’ve raised enough to provide nearly 200,000 people with safe drinking water around the world. Additionally, Charity Engine has in-house banking capabilities, so it processes checks without requiring a gateway or middleman.
With Bloomerang, nonprofits have access to a comprehensive toolkit for reaching out to donors online. You can create custom donation and event landing pages and sell tickets to an event with just a few clicks. These days, more and more nonprofits are turning to online fundraising to help them meet their financial goals.
Generally speaking, however, the most popular nonprofit crowdfunding providers are going to skew toward the “keep it all” funding structure⁠. This means that you’d walk away with whatever funding your donors had contributed despite not reaching your goal. Ultimately, crowdfunding efforts depend on effective communication to spread the word about your ongoing fundraiser. Without strategic promotions, your audience won’t know how to contribute to your campaign⁠—or even that you’re hosting a campaign in the first place. Keep your supporters updated regularly, so they stay invested in your crowdfunding campaign⁠—and your overall cause.
This is because your content management system and fundraising tools are constantly updating with new versions. Your website content will also change as you provide updates on your mission, launch new programs, and make posts about current events, new industry trends, and other relevant news to your mission. You can research charities and then donate through Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket. Pick one or more charities, set up monthly giving if you wish, and get a receipt, all for a modest processing fee of 3.95%. You can also click through to the website of any charity that gets your interest and give there.
Data from Anedot suggest a 25% conversion rate for follow-up asks to nudge donors for recurring donations or gifts to partner organizations. Online fundraising is a legal activity, provided it is conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This typically includes compliance with rules regarding fundraising disclosure, reporting, and taxes.
Since there is no definite way on raising funds for nonprofits online, every campaign is going to be different and may take time to build. With peer-to-peer fundraising, every individual supporter/fundraiser sets up a personal fundraising page where they accept donations. On these pages, fundraisers lend their own voice to the nonprofit’s mission, sharing with their networks why that specific cause matters to them. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a crowdfunding method that utilizes an organization’s donors’ existing networks. These types of fundraisers encourage supporters to reach out to their peers (friends, co-workers, and family members) and ask them to donate. Online fundraising has become a popular way for nonprofits to raise money.