Michael Kors Watches + Why Opt for this Brand

Michael Kors Watches + Why Opt for this Brand?

It is very much recognised that in today’s society, people put a lot of faith in brand names and will often purchase a piece of clothing or an accessory simply because the name and like the personal image this then portrays to others. In terms of value for money however sometimes you can fall into the trap of purchasing something that looks great in the magazines and on the celebs but doesn’t necessarily suit your personal style and therefore you are failing to make a good investment. There are hundreds of designer brands out there to choose from; many of which are incredibly diverse and range in budgets so that when you are looking for the perfect watch you can balance affordability, style and brand according to your needs.

Michael Kors Watches – Make a Wise Investment that Suits Your Style and Budget

A watch should be an investment as it is one of the most functional accessories you will buy and if made well enough, should last for a number of years and constantly compliment your personal style. It is wise to allocate a budget and stick to it – many luxury designer brands may be above your price range and tempt you with the stunning aesthetics and multiple functions which you may not actually desire or need from a watch. Think about where you will wear it – do you want a specifically dressy style watch for the evening, more of a daytime timepiece or one that can transition from day to night easily?

Michael Kors Watches – Great for Pale Skins

It is also important to consider your skin tone when choosing a watch as although colour may seem a low priority you should ideally choose a model which compliments your skin tone. Michael Kors watches are wonderful for pale skins as many of the brand’s watches feature gentle autumnal colours such as earthy brown, cream and fawn. Sometimes gold or silver can look a little harsh against some skin tones and the colours used within the Michael Kors range offer something a little softer (though the collection also has silver and gold watches in addition). watchroom24 have subtle patterns which again are great for pale skins and look delicate and feminine upon the wrist.

Michael Kors Watches – Designer Looks and Quality that Suits your Budget

If you want your watch to look exquisite and expensive but cannot necessarily afford the high end luxury brands, Michael Kors watches are the perfect choice and actually look a great deal more expensive than they are. Indeed the brand isn’t cheap as the watches tend to vary between 79 an 300 but this is still very reasonable if you are looking at purchasing an investment timepiece. Michael Kors watches are perfect for girls who favour an elegant, feminine and pretty look and the models inject an overall sense of looking very well groomed. When you can achieve this you know you have hit on the right accessory! These watches are simply stunning in appearance and are of fantastic quality.

Michael Kors as a designer is very much at the forefront of fashion and though the brand’s collection of watches are classically stylish, they are still extremely unique and you can immediately tell that the watch belongs to the Michael Kors collection. With the use of soft colour, subtle embellishments and patterns on the timepieces, this collection very much as a look of being sought after and favoured by many celebrities who love to look glamorous from day to night. The watches are versatile, fashion forward and will compliment every outfit, injecting a true sense of Michael Kors style to your look.

David Allen is an expert on Michael Kors Watches and Designer Watches from brands such as Diesel, DKNY, and Guess. Find out more information on the best place to buy a designer Guess Watch here.