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The editor and executive director/managing editor solicit articles for this column as topics emerge. The editor works with the author to ensure that the essay is succinct, relevant, and well presented. Submissions should be completed and electronically submitted to the editor and to the productions editor. The column includes information on new products and items written by conservators on the use of new materials. The inclusion of specific information relating to suppliers is at the discretion of the editor and the executive director/managing editor.
At Medical News Today, we’re committed to providing trustworthy, accessible, and accurate information so our readers are equipped to care for their health and wellness. We use an established editorial process to ensure we’re providing the best possible information. Ice sheets can retreat up to 600 meters a day during periods of climate warming, 20 times faster than the highest rate of retreat previously measured. An international team of researchers used high-resolution imagery of the seafloor to reveal just how quickly a former ice sheet that extended from … Contacts from affiliate organizations submit press releases or electronic information via e-mail to the AIC office and to the editor, who together compile this information.
Italy’s Berlusconi spends second night in hospital, friends hopefulThe 86-year-old former Italian prime minister, who has suffered from blood cancer, is in the intensive care unit of Milan’s San Raffaele hospital for a lung infection. Researchers are learning more about ancient graffiti — and their intriguing comparisons to modern graffiti — as they produce a state-of-the-art 3D recording of the Temple of Isis in Philae, … Student researchers investigate how intentional robot deception affects trust, examining the effectiveness of apologies after robots … A new study has shown that common levels of traffic pollution can impair human brain function in only a matter of hours.
The information is compiled by the production editor, and is reviewed by the editor for content. The articles should not exceed 500 words but can include submissions from several organizations. Because of the routine nature of the announcements, little content editing is required unless the editor feels an item needs to be shortened substantially. Note that items are listed alphabetically, using names of AIC members or institutional members.
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Marina Tauber, vice-president of Moldova’s Russia-friendly Shor Party, leads a demonstration in the capital, Chisinau, against the pro-western government and low living standards. You can train your brain to get excited about the start of the week – or at least cope with it. The pandemic has seen more and more full-time employees working fully remotely – and seeking out cheaper, warmer places in which to do so.
Changing this value will update the articles shown in the More News region. For the latest Yale updates and guidance about COVID-19, please visit the university’s COVID-19 Information webpage. Colin Anderson, MBA ’23, encourages students to find their purpose. Solomon Tesfaye, MBA ’15, reflects on how his Park Fellow experience influences his approach to leadership in both his professional and personal life. Industry leaders discussed applying analytics to the hospitality industry in a roundtable discussion hosted by the Center for Hospitality Research. editorial news coauthored by Professor Chekitan Dev centers on how the independent Italian hotel can leverage brand strengths to remain competitive.
What defines the habitat — the ecological niche — of a microorganism? It is a combination of environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, and nutrient content. But the exact contribution of each of these factors is difficult to predict. A research team has redefined microbial niches by determining which microorganisms live … Researchers have developed a new way to create dynamic ultrahigh-density 3D holographic projections.
Findings from a study of more than 46,000 people from 68 different countries reveal those who share more left-wing political views are more generous and altruistic than those who follow right-wing ideologies. A new study found people who experienced social isolation for eight hours reported higher levels of tiredness. The findings suggest low energy may be a basic human response to a lack of social communication.