Tortoise Shell Glasses The Best Eyewear from Felix Gray

As such, these are an excellent option for those searching for both tortoise shell glasses, men’s and women’s alike. Tortoise shell glasses are a look that won’t be going out of style any time soon. They are a timeless option and the tortoise shell frame remains a staple fashion choice. Aviator tortoise shell frames are perfect for anyone who wants to add some edge to their style without going overboard. The legislation banned real tortoise shells from being used for making eyeglasses and other products. As such, today’s tortoiseshell eyeglasses are made from plastic resin instead of actual shell material.
Tortoise shell patterns at Felix Gray come in many variations. This includes the “sazerac” style that has a similar color scheme and pattern as tortoise shell. The Retropeepers tortoiseshell glasses range of subtle, rich, earthy browns, amber lights and turtle colours intermingled means that no two pairs are exactly the same. Wayfarer tortoise shell frames allow you to show off your personality while still looking professional.
They’re perfect for men and women who want to add style to their wardrobe without breaking the bank. Oversized tortoiseshell frames are great for those who want to make a statement. They’re also perfect for those with more prominent faces because they help balance your features.
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There are several reasons people like tortoise shell glasses. The speckled design allows for a variety of colors on a single pair of glasses. Tortoise shell glasses have serious vintage appeal and are noticeable without being too loud.
Tortoise shell will always make it more fun and inspiring to wear eyewear. Some of the best looks for square-shaped tortoise shell glasses include gray tortoise and Tokyo tortoise. These hues are perfect because they complement the angular design of today’s top square styles.
Ever since then brown glasses have been one of the basic classic colors. Over the past 50 years Brown sunglasses have also garnered wide acceptance both for men and women of all ages. Brown is a natural, professional color that works for most skin tones and face shapes and is a safe choice for most people today. Check out our large selection of brown trendy eyeglasses today. Gray Glasses For Men & Women Gray Glasses frames is one of the newer colors common in eyewear. Given its classic and conservative tone it would be easy to imagine gray eyeglass frames having been around for centuries, as is the case with tortoiseshell glasses.